Welcome to Healthy Living

Everyone wants to be healthy.  But few people understand the process of change or the needs of their unique bodies.  If diets and exercise were fun, we’d all be in perfect health.  Comfort food exists for a reason – we love the pleasure and peace that it provides.

Creating a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy, especially if you’ve fallen off the self-care wagon.  We’re surrounded by unhealthy food, toxins in our environment and the stresses of modern life.  We don’t get enough nutrients, exercise or peace.

In order to create an effective healthy living program, you’ll need to understand what you’re doing wrong.  Diets don’t work because they’re not personalized for your body or your life.  If you’ve fallen into the yo-yo dieting trap, please realize this is not your fault.  You’re trying hard to do the right thing, and that proves that you have courage and determination.  It means you truly want to be healthy – and that’s the first step on the healthy living journey.

The same goes for exercise; your fitness program needs to be customized for your individual situation.  By tapping into your unique needs and preferences, you’ll create a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable.  And that’s what it’s all about!  You’ll reap the benefits of healthy eating and fitness while living a life that is fun and satisfying.  You don’t have to give up pleasure; willpower is NOT a long-term strategy for success.

Healthy habits are built one step at a time.  If you take on too many changes at once, you’ll be overwhelmed.  Instead, make incremental changes (like adding more fruits and vegetables to your healthy eating plan).  Then anchor those changes into your life using strategies and action plans  that make this new change easy to accomplish.  This is called Environmental Design; you create new environments that ensure that change becomes automatic.  Once a change is happening consistently in your life for 30 days, you’re got a new healthy habit.  Congrats!!

As you design your environments (home, work, relationships) to support healthy living, each new habit builds on the one before it, creating a synergy.  Habits work together and integrate into the core of your being so they’re effortless.  You become healthy because it’s who you are.

The mission of this healthy living blog is to provide strategies and action plans that inspire you to create lasting change.  By taking action and modifying your environments, you’ll stay stronger and live longer.  You’ll avoid preventable illness and age-related health decline.  Armed with your healthy living lifestyle, you’ll be in the best shape of your life!